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Lise Coirier, art director, Pro Materia

Lise Coirier, manager / art director,
rue Franz Merjay, 142, B-1050 Brussels
M. +32 (0)475 53 19 88 / T. +32 (0)2 768 25 10

Rain Wu, Scenographer



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Discover the seven projects and prototypes in  the Gallery

All photographs of the craft and design processes and context Image courtesy : ©photos by Maciej Korbas (Poland)/courtesy of NTRCI & Taiwan Designers Web

All products packshots Image courtesy: ©photos by Chong Kok Yew/ courtesy of NTCRI, Art Happening & Spazio Nobile

You can access to the product packshots  here

  • The New Koji by Anton Alvarez (Sweden) and Zhong-Zheng Chen, and Chi-Li Hsiao(Taiwan), which revisits the classical forms presented in the traditional Koji pottery.
  • The Bridge Bamboo Bench by Sebastian Herkner (Germany) and Ming-An Wu (Taiwan), a technique-testing project inspired by the colorful steel bridges dotted across Taiwan.
  • The Bamboo Chair by Jin Kuramoto (Japan) and Jian Cheng Lin (Taiwan), which combines both the handmade bamboo bending process with the natural indigo-dying technique normally applied to textiles.
  • The Cong Collection by Julie Richoz (Switzerland/France) and Chin-Mei Huang (Taiwan), lacquerware inspired by a Cong vase at held in the collection of the National Palace Museum.
  • The Clay Table by Wonmin Park (South Korea) and Wen-Yi, Kung for the large scale pottery (Taiwan), & Chin-Mei Huang  (Taiwan).
  • The Fruit Tower by BCXSY – Boaz Cohen & Sayaka Yamamoto (Israel/Netherlands – Japan) & Zhong Jian-Fu for the ceramics (Taiwan), and Wen-Yi, Kung (Taiwan).
  •  The Neolithic Collection by Jin Kuramoto (Japan) & Zhong Jian-Fu and Clay+art & craft co (Taiwan).




A New Layer Taiwan’s backstage photographs by Maciej Korbas

*About the art director:

Lise Coirier (France – Belgium)

Founder, publisher and editor-in-chief of TLmag (°2009), Lise Coirier is running her Creative Design Consultancy Pro Materia since 1999 between Brussels and Paris, which actively promotes contemporary art and design. With Masters in Management & Finance and History of Art, she is also the driving force behind many specialist projects in her field of expertise, acts as art director for private and institutional clients and is often speaker at conference while curating new concepts and exhibitions. She has opened since April 2016 Spazio Nobile Gallery in Brussels with her partner Gian Giuseppe Simeone that is specialized in contemporary applied arts, design and photography and organizes four to five exhibitions per year. She also participates to fairs like Art Elysées/FIAC (Paris, FR), Collect (London, UK), Collectible (Brussels, BE)… /, @tlmag /, @spazionobilegallery

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